Nougat Ice Cream

When thinking of nougat, memories come flooding back of our Provençal Kitchen tours that I used to take to France in the 90’s.

The groups would stay at a hilltop Bastide hotel deep in the Provençal countryside. We would show off the department of the Var with trips to Roger Verge and the truffle experience at Bruno’s in Lorgues, not forgetting sampling Rosé in various vineyards.

Nougat ice cream became a favourite and I think it also had something to do with the handsome, young, charming French chef who demonstrated this ice cream with great passion in Mougins. Be patient while making this as its worth it. NOUGAT is extremely popular all over the world and in France, at the weekly morning street markets, one can buy huge wedges of nougat in many flavours.


■ Take 250g Caster sugar and 62ml water.

■ Boil to caramel on a sugar thermometer.

■ Add another 62ml cold water bring back to

the boil.

■ Stir in 200g roasted chopped nuts

almonds or pecans.

■ Pour onto an oiled work surface and leave

to cool.

■ Once cold break into pieces and place into a

plastic bag.

■ Crush with a meat hammer or place into a

food processor for a finer praline.

■ You can buy praline in some specialist



■ Whip 125ml egg whites to firm peak on top

speed using an electric whisk.

■ Boil 125ml clear honey to 110°–120°C – do

use a sugar thermometer.

■ Slowly pour the hot honey into the firm egg

whites while whipping on high speed.

■ Very important let the mixture COOL.

■ Now Fold in 500ml cold whipped cream.

■ Fold in 125g cut mixed peel and 125ml


■ Pour into a cling film lined mould or teacups

and freeze overnight.

■ Turn out onto a serving plate and decorate

with flaked roasted almonds and caramel


■ If serving in a teacup do not turn out,

float the caramel sauce on top of the

ice cream and sprinkle with flaked roasted



■ Place into a saucepan 100g butter, 200g

caster sugar, 125ml golden syrup and

500ml cream.

■ Boil to 120°C, until a deep caramel colour.

■ Cool and serve.