Fish Soup Marie Rose

A long the Cote d’Azur one comes across

many versions of the traditional Marseilles

bouillabaisse, some outstanding and some just

awful. It is quite a tiresome process to make the

old-fashioned way, so when I had my cookery

school, I devised this recipe which became an alltime

favourite in my catering business and at the

restaurant that I ran on a wine farm outside Cape



■ In a large pan add 30ml olive oil, 1 large

chopped onion, 200g chopped tomato

flesh, (skin and deseed the tomatoes)

grated zest of one orange.

■ Cook gently without colour until the onions

are transparent.

■ Off the heat stir in 15ml tomato paste and

25g plain flour.

■ Stir in 1L fish stock, 250ml white wine,

the juice of 1 orange, 1 bay leaf, dash

of cayenne pepper and a few strands of

saffron, 5ml freshly chopped marjoram

and seasoning.

■ Bring to simmering point.

■ Add 1kg mixed diced fish, cod, sole,

hake, salmon, sea bream, 100g shelled

deveined prawns and 125ml cream.

■ Bring to simmering point and serve sprinkled

with freshly chopped chives.


Can be bought, however, you can make it too.

■ 1kg fish bones, 30g butter, 1 onion

peeled and chopped in a pan.

■ Cover with greaseproof paper and cook

slowly without colour.

■ Remove the paper add 2L of cold water,

1 bay leaf, juice of half a lemon, 250ml

white wine, parsley stalks, seasoning

and simmer for 30 minutes, strain and use

as required.


■ Bouillabaisse is usually served with bowls

of Rouille a rich spicy red pepper and

garlic paste which you spread onto slices

of baguette or crispy toasts and float in the


■ Blend until smooth 2 grilled red peppers,

skinned and deseeded, 2 cloves of

garlic, crushed, ¼ cup of fresh white

breadcrumbs, 1 egg yolk, pinch of

cayenne and saffron, zest and juice of

1 lemon, 50ml olive oil.